Adventure Man is a bizarre looking entity of that resembles Rambo. He is a member of the Thot Patrol, using his only weapon, an RPG to eliminate very dangerous thots.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

One day, a group of highly intelligent scientists wanted to create a real life Rambo from scratch. Although they were successful with creating the real life Rambo, a fatal lab accident occurred and the scientists were killed by it. However, their Rambo creation ended up surviving the accident but developed PTSD because of it. After the events, it escapes the lab, went on his merry way and later named itself Adventure Man (He wants his friends to call him Abe).

Avoiding the Lawsuits Edit

After he chose the name of Adventure Man, Abe let a beard grow on his face in order to avoid any lawsuits that said he was a Rambo rip-off.

Trivia Edit

  • He genuinely has PTSD. Poor guy, it's true that war changes a man (Even though he hasn't even been in a war).

Appearances Edit

  • Sense of Right Alliance: Prelude (First appearance)
  • Sense of Right Alliance