Jedi Bob is a Jedi Knight who fought in The Clone Wars, and was present in Christophsis when Order 66 was executed. He survived the betrayal and went into hiding, but was frozen in carbonite by Space Pirates.

History Edit

Jedi Bob's history is largely unknown, as his records from the Jedi Temple were ransacked during Order 66, along with many other records of other Jedi. What has been known about him is he participated in the Battle of Geonosis, and flown on a Republic Gunship with four Clone Troopers. He fought multiple Droidekas and Super Battle Droids, using his green lightsaber. He was also on Christophsis with his Jedi Padawan Narae and the 442nd Siege Battalion when Order 66 was executed. He survived along Narae (Although the Padawan fell to the Dark Side). He later met up with Quinlan Vos, and both went into hiding. When he went into exile on Tatooine, he was captured and frozen in carbonite by the Space Pirates.

Trivia Edit

  • Jedi Bob isn't a character from Star Wars at all. He was only created by Lego for the 2002 version of the Republic Gunship.
  • Also in the same set, Jedi Bob was simply called Jedi Knight instead.
  • In the 2009 Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary, he was officially called Jedi Bob.
  • Jedi Bob was originally planned to directly appear in Sense of Right Alliance. His appearance was discarded in order to fit the storyline of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.