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Before you start doing anything on the Wiki of Right wikia, please read these rules.

List of Rules Edit

1. Do not spam with edits or making articles on this wiki, especially if you're only doing it to get badges.

2. No porn or sexual themes, unless it's censored and is only in the wiki chat as a joke.

3. If you want to write stuff about your own canons and stories about the Sense of Right Alliance, please make them as blog posts, not as articles.

4. Shitposting or meme articles go in the wiki chat or the shitposting category.

5. You must be 12 years old or older to join this wiki, if you are younger, don't bother joining it.

6. Don't be a dick, especially in the wiki chat.

7. Don't complain about your feelings being hurt when somebody criticizes your something you've done. No one is obligated to like what you do, so please act accordingly. If you can't take criticism then this wiki is not for you.


If you break any of these rules 3 times, you will be banned from this wiki, so please follow these rules if you want to be part of the wiki and not get banned from it. Have a nice day fencing against the Earth!