Shrek the Ogre is an ogre from a fairy tale land, and one of the main members of the Sense of Right Alliance.

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Shrek is a large, green, physically intimidating ogre with a Scottish accent. Even though his background is something of a mystery, according to Shrek The Musical and the book, it is revealed that on his 7th birthday, Shrek was sent away by his parents because it was an ogre tradition to live a life of solitude. His father kept trying to eat him numerous times. Though surly, misanthropic, and venomously cranky, Shrek is peaceful and doesn't care to hurt anyone (although will do so if provoked), but he just wants to be left alone. He was treated like a monster. He liked to scare villagers that tried to kill him. One day, he saved a talking donkey named Donkey from a couple of guards. As a result, Donkey became Shrek's friend, much to his annoyance. And the ogre became more annoyed when a bunch of fairy tale characters were evicted to his swamp by the egotistical nobleman Lord Farquaad, who felt that they didn't fit his ideal vision of a kingdom. In the hopes of relocating the fairy tale characters, Shrek and Donkey went to Duloc to confront Farquaad who agreed to get rid of them on one condition: rescue Princess Fiona from the Dragon's Keep, since Farquaad desired to marry her in order to become king. And so, they did, dealing with a huge Dragon who developed a crush on Donkey. And when Shrek and Fiona met, it was true love...okay, not at first. But they put up with her complaining and such on the way over. The princess warmed up to Shrek, even saving him and Donkey from a group of singing huntsmen led by Robin Hood. Pure love came in...but Fiona had a secret that she turned into an ogre every night. Shrek, who misunderstood what she was going through, gave her to Farquaad, argued with Donkey, regretted what he did, and crashed the wedding, finding out Fiona's secret. After Farquaad was eaten by Dragon, the two ogres became husband and wife. After that, it became one adventure after another, first a honeymoon which was almost ruined by Farquaad's ghost. Then another adventure where they met Fiona's of them was the Frog well as a ticked off Fairy Godmother and her son, Prince Charming. During this time, he and Donkey gained a new ally: Puss in Boots, a rogue cat in boots slash hired assassin who was an orphan in a Spanish town. After restraining himself from killing the cat, Puss became a team member, much to the annoyance of Donkey, helping Shrek overcome his marriage problems and other problems as well. Shrek and Fiona's marriage was saved, the Fairy Godmother was defeated, and Donkey and Dragon had hybrid children. Then he had more trying to make Fiona's cousin Arthur tried be king while taking on the vengeful Prince Charming, celebrating his first Christmas, having scary Halloweens, and being sent to an alternative universe after dealmaker Rumpelstiltskin removed him from history. Shrek became a celebrity, and is currently settling down with his family and friends in the swamp.

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  • According to the Shrek 2 video game, Shrek weighs 450 pounds.
  • He is the most joked member of the Sense of Right Alliance
  • Shrek is most famous on the internet for a meme called "Shrek is Love Shrek is Life", which is a meme that is usually about sexual experiences that people (Normally a boy or a teenager) have had with him.

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