Sir Topham Hatt, nicknamed "the Fat Controller" (And previously known as "the Fat Director"), is the manager of the North Western Railway from Thomas and Friends and a secret agent of the Sense of Right Alliance.

Persona and Background Edit

Sir Topham Hatt is the controller of the North Western Railway on the island of Sodor. Originally a engineer in the railway's early days, he later became the director of the railway at a young age and eventually, became the chairman. He is responsible for giving out jobs to which engine is suppose to do and tries to make sure the engines are doing their jobs well as well as keeping the railway in order. He can be described as a firm but fair man. He can be strict, but also shows a fatherly side to the engines. He is quite a strong character and will remind the engines that he is in charge when they start to rebel against his authority. He does not stand bullying and even though he is usually serious, he does enjoy a good laugh. Despite his kindness and fairness, however, there are times where he berates the engines for situations beyond their control.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Railway Series, there are 3 Fat Controllers instead of 1 in Thomas and Friends. The first one was Sir Topham Hatt I (1880-1956), the second one was Sir Charles Topham Hatt II (1914-1997), and the third and most recent one is Sir Stephen Topham Hatt III (1941-).
  • Because Sir Topham Hatt became a member of the Alliance for while, Mr. Percival, the controller of the Skarloey Railway, took his place as the controller of the North Western Railway until Sir Topham Hatt returned to Sodor.